Mark Cardella Sr – Owner

Mark Cardella Sr started working at Eckhart Auto Body in 1983 as Manager under the original owner until he & his family purchased the shop in the beginning of 1995. He began his auto body career as a claims adjuster which gives him invaluable insight into the workings of the insurance companies and the claims process. Because of his inside knowledge of the automotive insurance companies, he can assist you in processing your claim from giving the initial report to the final payment. Not all body shops have this kind of experience to make your repairs go as smoothly as possible.

Elmer Henriquez - Body Shop Manager

Elmer has been at Eckhart Auto Body for 4 years. He started as detail/lot person and has worked hard to become the Manager in a very short time. His customer service and people skills are unmatched. He is very dedicated to our customers as he supervises all aspects of the repair process, writes estimates, works with insurance adjusters, and communicates progress on the vehicles in the shop. He has a bright future in the auto body repair industry.

Diana Leon - Office Manager

Diana has worked for Eckhart Auto Body for 4 1/2 years. She came to us from the health care industry which explains why she enjoys working with people. She is the voice you will most likely hear when you call and she does a wonderful job of helping answer all your questions. She will fill out your paperwork when you come in, call the rental agency to have you picked up and will communicate any concerns you have about your repair so they will be addressed.
Robbie – The Eckhart Auto Body Mascot

Robbie came to us in August of 2006 from a rescue in Chico, CA. He was found abandoned and walking the streets of this college town. He is a purebred, long haired dachshund that someone gave up on or decided they no longer could care for him. He has become a fixture here greeting customers with a wagging tail and sometimes a barking hello. He really enjoys the attention so give him a pet when you come in! If you are interested in adopting a dachshund from a rescue, visit The Dachshund Rescue of North America at or The Southern California Dachshund Rescue at
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