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We are a full service auto body repair shop specializing in collision repairs. If your vehicle is not drivable, we have towing available during and after business hours. We work with all insurance companies to insure that your vehicle is repaired properly, safely and is restored to its pre-accident condition. We perform all aspects of collision repair including unibody & frame straightening to factory specifications, repairing urethane/plastic bumper covers & body panels, replacing necessary parts, and the highest quality refinishing.


HEADLAMP RESTORATION: Most vehicles over the last 15 years have been built using plastic lens headlamps. I'm sure you have noticed the "yellowing" of the clear lens on vehicles you've seen or maybe even your own vehicle. This yellowing is not a defect in the lens, but the effect of smog, UV rays and general exposure to the elements. The film can restrict the light output by as much as 50%. This creates a very dangerous situation during nighttime driving. Replacing the headlamps is an option but a very expensive one. Headlamp replacement costs usually begin at about $300.00 per lamp. That's $600.00 per vehicle!!! We have developed a renewing process that will remove the yellow film and restore 95% of the light output of your headlamps without costly replacement. Look at the before and after photos of lamps we have renewed. The cost of headlamp renewal is $75.00 per lamp. That's a cost savings of $450.00 per vehicle! Don't put yourself and your family at risk. Have Eckhart Auto Body renew your headlamp lenses today. Save money, save time, and most of all, drive safe.

Before and After Headlamps that have gone through the restoration process, like so:

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